River Surveys

The HydroBall® buoy was initially designed to collect bathymetric data in rivers.  The buoy can be deployed autonomously for drifting freely down river, or supervised through a Bluetooth connection.

“Clothesline” deployment – Jacques Cartier River, 2014.

Autonomous, free-drifting deployment

“Clothesline” deployment

Helicopter-tethered deployment

Surveying in confined areas

The HydroBall® buoy can be deployed in canyons, pools, and reservoirs.

Pool – Romaine River, 2014.

Pool deployment

Surveying ultra-coastal zones

The HydroBall® buoy can be mounted to amphibious vehicles or towed behind light platforms to conduct hydrographic surveys in ultra-coastal zones (<2m of depth).

Sled-mounted – Rocher Blanc Beach, 2012.


Amphibious vehicle mount – Anse au Lard, 2013.

Deployment using an amphibious vehicle.

Conventional hydrographic survey

Exploratory survey – Lac à l’Anguille – 2013.

The pre-validated integrated design of the buoy allows for an extremely effective alternative to the classic pole-mount for traditional hydrographic surveys.  The operator no longer needs to 1) install the sensors on the platform, 2) power the sensors and data acquisition computer, 3) configure the sensors and measure the offsets between the different components.  This saves considerable time and greatly reduces the risk for human errors.

Catamaran mount – Marina de Rimouski – 2013.