“A small autonomous bathymetric buoy dedicated to mapping non-traditional areas such as rivers and ultra-coastal zones.  Mapping the inaccessible is now possible”

The HydroBall® buoy is an autonomous bathymetric data acquisition solution that is particularly efficient in non-traditional environments including rivers, canyons, reservoirs, ultra-coastal zones, and remote locations.

In 2008, at the request of Hydro-Québec, CIDCO led a technology study and wrote a summary (CIDCO, 2008) on the available solutions to support bathymetric data acquisition in turbulent waters.  Essentially, the study revealed that there were no entirely satisfactory solutions currently available on the market.  Zones that were difficult to navigate, either due to strong currents or very shallow depths, or zones that posed safety concerns for humans remained inaccessible and, therefore, uncharted.

In response to the study, in 2010, CIDCO began the development of the fist HydroBall® bathymetric buoy prototype.  The objective was to allow surveyors and hydrographers reach and map unknown areas.


The technology has not stopped evolving since then and has been successfully deployed in a variety of projects (see examples of different applications).

(see examples of different applications).

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